About Us

The St. Louis region is fortunate to have an extraordinary concentration of world-class scientists producing cutting-edge discoveries in the medical and plant biosciences. These innovations present an opportunity to create and attract new enterprises that will generate jobs in a significant, high growth 21st century industry.

Vision of BioSTL

St. Louis will be recognized globally as a leading center for bioscience research and commercialization with a vibrant entrepreneurial start-up community that is a magnet for attracting talented people and enterprises.

Success will generate quality jobs for St. Louis in a high-growth industry and will enhance regional prosperity by attracting substantial investment and revenues from outside the region.

On Sept. 27, 2011, a new regional organization to champion St. Louis bioscience, BioSTL (evolved from the Coalition for Plant and Life Sciences), announced a $30 million commitment, over five years, from Washington University in St. Louis, BJC HealthCare and the St. Louis Life Sciences Project to forward bioscience company creation and drive economic growth in St. Louis. These funds will increase the region’s capacity to support entrepreneurs and launch BioSTL itself, the next step in St. Louis’ 10-year-old collective effort to increase economic activity in the medical and plant biosciences.

A majority of these new funds will be dedicated to pre-seed and seed investments and associated support for newly created enterprises. These early-stage investments will help transform innovations from local institutions and entrepreneurs into new companies and new jobs in the St. Louis region. The remaining funds will enable BioSTL to foster regional collaborations and engage in activities that benefit multiple local organizations, all working to advance bioscience in St. Louis.

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