BioSTL’s GlobalSTL initiative aims to build a direct link between St. Louis and other countries by recruiting international companies to establish a United States presence in St. Louis.

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GlobalSTL, formerly the St. Louis-Israel Innovation Connection (SLIIC), began focused on the national of Israel. Frequently referred to as the “Startup Nation,” Israel has one of the largest concentrations of innovation-based enterprises in the world. Many of these ventures are in areas that match well with St. Louis’ strengths in medical technology, agritech, and IT.

GlobalSTL aligns itself with BioSTL’s existing company creation efforts, through the BioGenerator, BioSTL’s nonprofit subsidiary, that funds and supports new startups. GlobalSTL compliments these efforts by recruiting more mature companies that have already been validated by third party investors and customers. This helps strengthen the St. Louis ecosystem and build a pipeline of robust innovation-based ventures. 

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BioSTL has engaged two experienced entrepreneurs to lead this initiative – a St. Louis-based project lead and an Israel representative. Together, along with BioSTL’s full-time staff, they will identify Israeli companies whose business objectives would be advanced by establishing a presence in the St. Louis ecosystem.

Vijay Chauhan – St. Louis-based Project Lead
Vijay Chauhan has significant experience in the entrepreneurial and startup space. He is CEO of multiple life science companies and was previously an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) at the BioGenerator. As an EIR, he worked with over 22 startups, helping to raise capital, develop business plans, and recruit talent. He has experience raising capital from angel, venture capital, private equity, and strategic and governmental investors.
As the St. Louis-based Project Lead for GlobalSTL, he works to identify and match companies in Israel to St. Louis’ strengths.

Uri Attir – In-country Representative 
Uri Attir has spent most of his professional career working with entrepreneurs and start-up companies. He was previously CEO of two Israel-based technology companies and spent time as a consultant working with entrepreneurs. He also worked in business development in Israel, helping to promote B2B opportunities and strategic partnerships with U.S. companies through the Bi-National Industrial R&D (BIRD) Foundation.

As the Israel-based representative for GlobalSTL Attir will research and identify promising Israeli companies that would benefit from establishing a presence within the St. Louis ecosystem. 

Leveraging a Strong Ecosystem

The initiative leverages the strong St. Louis innovation ecosystem that many people and organizations have worked to develop over the past decade.  Participants in this initiative include St. Louis-based business and community groups, technology and entrepreneurial development organizations, innovation districts, public sector (state and municipal) agencies, corporations, and civic/philanthropic organizations.  To see the full scale of involvement, visit BioSTL’s infographic depicting the collaborative nature of the initiative.

Program Activities

GlobalSTL is responsible for advancing the following critical elements of the effort:

  • Raising awareness among Israel’s innovators, entrepreneurs, corporations, and investors of St. Louis and its rich ecosystem for supporting technology-based companies.
  • Mining and building upon existing contacts and networks to identify, source, and screen qualified prospects. 
  • Defining and demonstrating the “St. Louis value proposition” – specific to each individual Israeli company -- by facilitating connections to investors, strategic partnerships (major corporations, health care systems, etc.), research collaborators, and company management.
  • Leveraging St. Louis-based incubators, research parks, investment capital sources,and entrepreneur support organizations whose resources, expertise, and networks might provide St. Louis a competitive advantage and strengthened value proposition to prospective relocation candidates.