What We Do

BioSTL fosters collaborative efforts and builds regional infrastructure to achieve St. Louis’ potential in biosciences, assisting partner organizations that are advancing aspects of the overall regional strategy.


Areas where BioSTL will take the lead in execution include:

  • Building regional capacity in capital and entrepreneurship in the biosciences, including training and recruiting entrepreneurs and increasing venture capital investment in the region.
  • Marketing and branding St. Louis biosciences to local and national audiences.
  • Data collection to help market St. Louis’ assets and to connect scientific and business talent with jobs in emerging companies.
  • Government relations and setting state and national legislative priorities.
  • Guiding regional efforts to apply for large-scale public and private grants.

BioSTL ensures the St. Louis biosciences community is speaking with a single, coherent voice to the public, policymakers and funders.


By devoting human and financial resources to shared needs such as marketing, data collection and training entrepreneurs, BioSTL collectively benefits the programs of partner organizations while relieving the individual organizations from having to divert resources from their core missions in pursuit of separate strategies. In this way, BioSTL promotes the efficient use of limited regional resources.

Partner organizations collaborating in BioSTL’s cross-cutting efforts and helping to set priorities include:

Recognizing that creating jobs and economic prosperity for a region is a complex undertaking requiring broad collaboration, BioSTL will continue the Coalition for Plant and Life Science’s record of partnering with more broadly-focused public and private economic development entities, including St. Louis County Economic Council, St. Louis Development Corporation, the Missouri Technology Corporation, and the St. Louis Regional Chamber.

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